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Most of the dog’s health problems are similar to that of human beings. Dogs also do experience cancer, anxiety, obesity and much more. The dogs won’t be speaking when they are suffering from any kind of major diseases. They will sure try to tell their owner somehow but if the owner is not responding then will feel lonely and find a corner. It becomes more important for an owner for fixing a proper appointment with Vet for proper treatment. A good owner always understands if their dog is feeling good or not. There are various signs that dogs provide when they are ill.

There is a change in the behavior of dogs which is the easiest way of finding if the dog is well or not. The first place to check for different signs is to look at the ears for any infections. There are more chances that the dog will be suffering from a urine infection. They will be having itchiness through the body for which they will be scratching regularly. At this point, we all do think that a nice bath will remove the itchiness but the dog is infected which a normal bath is not the treatment. Due to the obesity, the dogs can go through problems like diabetes, joint pain, and heart diseases.

Allergies also affect the conditions of dogs in various time periods. We bring good dog food from the market and we give the food with more love. But in fact, we are unaware that if the food if going to be beneficial for the dog not. The same things happen with the shampoo or the soap that is being used on a dog or the house cleaner. As the allergies are affecting human body it also causes harm to dogs. There are many people who are raising different breeds of dogs but not paying proper attention to them.

The life span of dogs is very less and when the dogs had crossed the age of 10 they have already completed more than half of their lives. There are more chances of having low vision, cancer, less hearing, and cataracts. The list of disease suffered by dogs can be seen in  It is necessary for the pet owners to understand the behavior of their pet dogs. Even the slightest sign is more than enough for getting ready for a treatment. A simple knowledge of behavior can easily save the life of a dog.