Poster Session Submissions

ABSTRACT and POSTER GUIDELINES for the Oncology Nutrition 2024 Symposium



You are invited to submit an abstract for poster presentation at the Oncology Nutrition 2024 Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia April 19-21, 2024.  All abstracts will be peer reviewed, and those accepted will be invited to present a poster at the Oncology Nutrition 2024 Symposium. Acceptance will be based on content and available space.

Please review the information carefully as incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted. If you have any questions about the guidelines or the submission process, feel free to e-mail Monica Bojko at 


An abstract is a brief, written summary (consisting of no more than 250 words) of the specific ideas or concepts to be presented, and a statement of their relevance to practice or research.  The following are three categories of abstracts that will be considered for submission:

  • Research abstracts include a brief description of the author’s original research and includes the following sections: background; objective; study design; methods; results; and conclusion.
  • Quality Improvement Project abstracts include the following sections: objective; use of theory; target audience; program description; method of evaluation; results; conclusion.
  • Student Projects can be undergraduate or graduate student work. Include a brief description of the research or project, objectives, methods, results and conclusions

Abstracts may have been previously presented at FNCE or another professional meeting before the 2024 Oncology Nutrition Symposium.

Abstracts will be accepted from ON DPG members as well as any Academy member or students. International abstracts will also be accepted. More than one abstract submission per author is permitted. 

Symposium attendees will be provided with poster information, including the poster title, author(s) and the poster number. Abstracts may be posted on the ON DPG website following the annual meeting.

Research abstracts, project or program reports in all AND Learning Need Codes are encouraged.

Abstracts must be submitted by January 12th, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.


    1. Provide your name, affiliation, email, and phone number. 
    2. Abstracts must be no greater than 250 words in length. The Title, Authors, Affiliations, and Section titles are not included in the word count.
    3. Appendices or attachments will NOT be accepted. 
    4. Abstracts should be formatted as follows:
      • Title is Arial, 14-point font and bolded.
      • Authors are Arial,12-point font and bolded. 
      • Affiliations are Arial, 12 point font, not bolded. Use numeral superscripts to indicate affiliations of the authors. 
      • Abstract text should be Arial, 12-point font. Only bold the section title of the the structured abstract:
        • For research abstract, include background, objective, study design, methods, results and conclusions
        • For program or project abstracts include objective, use of theory, target audience, program/project description method of evaluation, results and conclusion. 
    5. Clearly indicate the type of abstract: research, project/program, or student abstract.
    6. Submit electronically to
    7. Any abstract not meeting these guidelines will be rejected.
    8. Accepted abstracts will be expected to present a poster at the Oncology Nutrition Symposium. Presenting authors are expected to attend the meeting and participate in their assigned poster session.
    9. You will be notified of your abstract acceptance or rejection within 3-4 weeks after the submission deadline

Other General Suggestions:

  • Capitalize initial letters of trade names
  • Use standard abbreviations for units of measure
  • Pay close attention to grammar and spelling! 


Poster presentations offer content using charts, graph, illustrations, and/or photographs.  Posters allow for informal, one-on-one or small group discussions with the presenter about the issue, problem, project or research addressed in the poster.

POSTER/PROJECT GUIDELINES (For Accepted Abstracts Only)

  1. If an abstract is selected for presentation the applicant will be invited to present their research or project at the 2024 Oncology Nutrition Symposium.
  2. Posters will be mounted to a flat poster board.  Poster boards for display and pins will be provided for presenters at the symposium (4’ x 8 “display board).
  3. Presenters are expected to give a brief presentation of the poster to those showing interest in the poster information (generally 5-minute presentation).
  4. Presenters are required to register and attend the 2024 Oncology Nutrition Symposium and be present throughout the assigned presentation times.
  5. Poster layout:
    • Title and Authors with their affiliations should be included at the top of the poster.
    • Sections should be arranged to lead the eye from top to bottom and then left to right, with the most important material at eye level.
    • Use charts, graphs, illustrations, and photographs to portray data as appropriate. 
    • Use color to provide visual interest. Be sure that color selections enhance readability.
    • Text should be easily read from 2 feet away. 
  6. Handouts may be distributed at the meeting
  7. Presenters are responsible for expenses incurred for their presentation, the symposium registration fee, plus all personal travel expenses. 
  8. Abstracts that are accepted for poster presentation may be displayed on the ON DPG website for viewing.
  9. Accepted abstract authors may also be invited to present a brief oral poster presentation as part of the regular session.