Pediatric Sub-Unit

Pediatric Sub-Unit

This subunit of the ON DPG aims to unite pediatric cancer dietitians and:

  • Improve networking and collaboration
  • Disperse the latest pediatric oncology nutrition research
  • Share evidence-based resources
  • Develop nutrition guidelines
  • Collaborate with other pediatric and/or oncology-specific nutrition groups to coordinate efforts

The subunit communicates to members through the use of newsletters, articles, and webinars. Click here to submit your  ideas for future webinars. 

If interested in becoming involved with the ON DPG Pediatric subunit, contact Jennifer Caceres ( Current opportunities include, but are not limited to, submitting newsletter articles and contributing to a task force group. See our Volunteer Opportunities page for more infomation. 

Please continue to use the ON DPG electronic mailing list, and include “PEDI” in the subject of the email to designate pediatric topics.

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Page updated: November 2017