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Changes Are Coming to Our Beloved ON DPG Electronic Mailing List!


As part of the new and improved ON DPG website, we will be transitioning our EML (Electronic Mailing List) and using a multi-functional discussion forum hosted on


As the transition away from the email list will happen in the fall, we want to let you know that the new discussion forum has the ability to be in your Inbox and also offers so much more!


Things that won't change:

  • Your ability to ask questions
  • Responses from your colleagues
  • The ability to respond by email
  • A chance to be part of the conversation!

Things that will change:

  • The ability to customize your email alerts, and get notified only on conversations that interest you (hello... a cleaner email inbox!!)
  • Tools to add tags to posts, making it easier to find similar topics (so we don't have to ask the same thing over and over!)
  • The mailing list will be hosted on our website with all the other great tools we have to offer (how great to have it all in the same place!)

Stay tuned for more details and a naming contest!