2020 Oncology Nutrition Symposium

Abstract Submission Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q: Does the abstract have to be 250 words?
    A: Yes, the abstract length is required to be 250 words in length or less, including the word count on the abstract itself will heighten author awareness. Qualtrics will not accept abstracts over the 250-word count.

  2. Q: Are the title, author and affiliation and section titles included in the word count?
    A: No. The title, author and affiliation and section titles are not included in the word count.

  3. Q: How will I know my abstract has been received once submitted?
    A: Upon submission of your abstract you will receive an e-mail confirming your abstract has been received.

  4. Q: After submitting my abstract when will I hear if I have been accepted to present a poster?
    A: After the submission deadline, abstracts will be peer reviewed. If an abstract is submitted early, it will not be reviewed until after the deadline has passed. The review process will take no longer than three weeks.

  5. Q: Can I submit my poster for review?
    A: No, abstracts are reviewed and scored by a panel of experts. If your abstract is accepted you will be notified that you have been selected to present your poster at the symposium.

  6. Q: Is there a discount on registration for poster presenters at the ON DPG Nutrition Symposium?
    A: No, there is no discount for poster presenters. Presenters are required to register and attend the Oncology Nutrition DPG Symposium and be present throughout the assigned presentation time.

  7. Q: If I have presented my poster at another session can I submit an abstract for consideration to be presented at the ON DPG Nutrition Symposium?
    A: Yes, if your poster has been presented at another conference your abstract may be considered for the ON DPG Nutrition Symposium. Be aware, if you submit your abstract to the ON DPG Nutrition Symposium and it is accepted for presentation this may limit your ability to present it at another conference in the future.

  8. Q: Do I need to bring a poster board to present my poster at the symposium? A: No, poster boards and pins will be provided at the symposium.

  9. Q: Do I need to bring my poster to the symposium or can I submit it to planners?
    A: Presenters are required to bring their poster to the symposium. Presenters are responsible for expenses incurred for their presentation, symposium registration fee and all personal travel expenses.

  10. Q: Is there anything I can do to increase the chance of my abstract being accepted for poster presentation?
    A:  Follow the guidelines indicated on the ON DPG website.

  11. Q: May I submit a case study?
    A: Case studies are not being accepted for review, only research or program/projects will be reviewed.