Electronic Mailing List

Electronic Mailing List

The purpose of the Electronic Mailing List is to network & share nutrition information with other ON-DPG members.

General Information

  • Approximately 5-25 messages are posted daily
  • Before subscribing, please click here to read a message on EML Netiquette
  • Yahoogroups eml service allows you to control the frequency of your message deliveries. You can select “ individual messages,” “daily digest” or “NO MAIL.” With “NO MAIL,” messages can be VIEWED going directly to the archives.
  • Your request to subscribe will be sent to our EML Administrator to confirm your membership in ON-DPG. Expect up to 48 hours before your subscription is activated (longer if the EML Administrator is away).
  • You will receive a "Welcome Letter" from our EML Administrator when your subscription is activated. Read carefully and save for future reference.
  • HOTMAIL & MSN email users: There may be DELAYS in receiving your messages. The problem lies with these two email providers. You might consider using another email account.
  • How to search the archives and files on the Yahoo!Groups Electronic Mailing List.
  • QUESTIONS? Contact our EML Administrator, Raymond Palko at raymond.palko@yahoo.com Use the words “ON-DPG EML Administrator” in the subject line.

Subscription Information

If you would like to change your email address subscription--- save these emails in your contacts
Remember - you can reply to sender at the bottom of each email there is an option for this.  Please use this for thank you's or comments for the sender to avoid email avalanche of non essential information for all 1000 recipients.
Always remember  if you have any questions about the EML please write to Raymond Palko at raymond.palko@yahoo.com


If you are using a work computer, check for an access "BLOCK" to Yahoogroups.com
Contact your Information Systems Department to obtain authorization to have access to the following 2 addresses:

  1. Receiving all messages from: on-dpglist@yahoogroups.com
  2. Access to the archives located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/on-dpglist

Then, try to subscribe again...

Send a request to join the list to: on-dpglist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Please include your full name (as registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).

Or, try using another email address, or open a free Yahoo.com email.


Did you want to see what was posted previously on a topic of interest?

You can search the groups archives of previous emails to find what has already been discussed.  Click here for instructions.


Updated: July 2018