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Public Policy Updates

On July 11th and 12th 2019, the Academy will hold the Public Policy Summit (previously PPW) in Washington DC.  This year, Sara Estabrook will represent ON DPG. Traditionally, our PAL has visited congressmen in their state and campaigned for legislation of general interest to the Acadmey. In addition to the legislation supported by the Academy, Sara would like to visit congressmen directly linked with oncology legislation, especially if it addresses nutrition. She is currently researching and seeking input about such legislation. If you know of legislation dealing with oncology/nutrition, please email her directly at

Action Alert Update – Say Yes to Same-Day DSMT

We need your help! Since the action alert for Expanding Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training opened on April 16, 2019, only ~2.75% of Academy members have taken action. A report has been added to the COI that lists the percentage of members by state who have taken action. This report will be updated over the next several weeks in an effort to be accountable and transparent about our work in increasing action alert rates among our membership.