Special Election Announcement

Looking to get more involved with ONDPG? Now’s your chance!

The Executive Committee of ONDPG will be holding a special election this spring to elect a Nominating Committee.

  • We will be seeking candidates for two positions on the committee: Nominating Committee Chair-Elect and Nominating Committee Member.
  • The candidate with the highest number of votes in the election will be the Nominating Committee Chair-Elect, and the person with the second highest number of votes will be the Nominating Committee Member.
    • Nominating Committee Chair-Elect: 2-year commitment (first year as Chair-Elect of the Nominating Committee, second year as Chair of the Nominating Committee)
    • Nominating Committee Member: 1 year commitment

Duties will include assisting the Nominating Committee Chair with the annual DPG elections, ensuring a complete ballot of candidates for open positions, etc. Candidates should be a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as a member of the Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group (ONDPG) to apply.

If you are interested, please email our Nominating Committee Chair atKatie.Badgett@stjude.org for more information. Thank you!