Educational Grant

The ON DPG is offering an two education award of $500 to be used for a conference or other educational activity related to oncology nutrition. Due date is August 31, 2017.  

To apply please complete the following:

  • Education Grant Award Application
  • Letter up to 400 words explaining which continuing education you will be attending, why you would like to attend and how it will benefit your oncology nutrition practice and possibly that of others. Please include one example of a project or problem-solving activity that you have worked on recently.
  • Please attach your curriculum vitae or resume
  • All materials must be submitted for consideration including: application, letter, and CV/resume


The recipient of the grant will be expected to write a short summarries of the educational activity they attended for publication in the group’s newsletter. Funds will be disbursed after recipients attend the activity and submit a draft of the article to our newsletter editors. 

It is expected that the educational activity and submission for reimbursement should take place by May 31, 2018.

Executive Committee members are not eligible for the Educational Grant.

Materials can be submitted electronically to


Page updated: July2017