Hey Members! Check Out These Things You Might Want To Know!

Here are a few things you might want to check out!

The Latest Webinars Let You Earn CPEUs On Your Own Time

Order any of the Center for Lifelong Learning’s hot-topic webinar series recordings and earn group or individual learning credits. Here are just a few of the newest recorded webinars available now. See the full list of exciting upcoming and recorded webinars. 


New Student Member Facebook Networking Group

Calling all ON DPG students! Dani Felber is our first ever Student Member Coordinator for the Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group!
With the help of our Chair-Elect, Social Media Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator, she has created a Facebook group to serve as a central location for student members to interact with each other and become more involved in the DPG.
This group will help you discover volunteer opportunities, learn about ON DPG events, ask questions of your peers and share interesting articles and webinars with other students to advance our collective knowledge and help us stay up to date in this rapidly progressing field.  
Please click the link below to join the group!