Side Effects

Bloating & Radiation

How can I decrease bloating from radiation treatment?


Constipation, Diarrhea & Fiber

During treatment, I go back and forth between being constipated and having diarrhea, but nothing normal in between. Is there any food that can help both of these problems?


Diet & C.Difficile

I hope you can provide me with some much-needed direction. I was recently diagnosed with a severe case of C.difficile. After treatment and a hospital stay, I am now allowed soft foods. Are there foods I should avoid or focus on?


Nutrition Side Effects and Chemotherapy

Is there a good website describing the nutrition related side effects from chemo drugs?


Taste Change & Treatment

Are there any foods that will help with taste changes caused by chemotherapy?


Tips for Managing Diarrhea After Radiation Therapy for Rectal Cancer

Do you have diet suggestions for someone who has diarrhea after radiation therapy for rectal cancer?





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